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Why Mayibuye

Mayibuye Land Advisory is an emergent Non Profit organization, arising from land claims work undertaken across the country while serving on a panel of research institutions to help research merits of land claims set up by the Department of Rural Development and Land Reform since 2016.

While undertaking this work in over 50 cases across the country, the organization was exposed to tangible and significant instances of how peoples’ rights to land and restitution are being violated, denied and infringed by the existing process of Land Claims.

Our Intentions

We seek to address:
• Networking and organizing to increase contact between existing and new claimants to empower their efforts through organization, shared learning, advocacy and campaigning

• Research: Using the 50 land claims (above) as case studies to build evidence on the challenges faced by claimants. Secondary research - previous studies done on the Claims process and post settlement support. This will help identify information and understanding gaps, concrete problematics in the process and other pitfalls for claimants.

• Engagement with existing civil society advocates on land issues and the raising of awareness of the need for focus on land claims amongst local civil society across the country. The hope is that this will generate relationships and partnerships to enhance Mayibuye’s efforts and reach.

• The generation of appropriate and accessible materials and resources in all local languages to empower existing and prospective claimants. This will be informed by proceedings of workshops, networking, research, civil society engagement etc (above).

• The provision of advice and support through creation of advice centres or through existing civil society partner mechanisms.

• Increasing awareness of claimants on the land use possibilities, existing support and possible partnerships

• Assisting to develop economically viable projects/enterprises for restituted and other lands Increasing the basket of options that people consider to include: agriculture, enterprises and use of land as collateral

Our Commitment

We commit to:
* To commit all our efforts and energies to securing the land rights of all in a fair and transparent manner

* To encourage and support the productive use of land to support sustainable livelihoods

* To work in partnership and strategic alliances to enhance the support we can provide

* To maintain the highest standards of integrity, accountability and quality in all our work

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